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New York, N.Y. 10004-1674

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FAX: (212) 791-7362

c/o 4 Helmet Row
London, ECIV 3QJ

TEL: 0207253-2404
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With a knowledge of the law in both New York, and London, the firm practices New York State, U. S. Federal, and English law and assists in legal issues including those between the United States and British Commonwealth countries. It concentrates on commercial, corporate, litigation, securities, banking, immigration, estate, tax and charity matters for clients operating in one or more of the jurisdictions. Because of its international expertise, the firm is particularly adept at formulating strategy and advising on issues subject to, and potentially involving, more than one jurisdiction.

This firm, established in 1976, was one of the first law firms permitted to practice local law in both England and United States, and is still one of very few firms with a practitioner who is admitted to practice local law in each of the two jurisdictions. This multi-admitted capability enables clients to obtain legal advice in the jurisdictions efficiently, utilizing only one law firm.

The firm provides a valuable knowledge base, legal framework, and competitive edge for handling multi-jurisdictional issues. For United States corporations with legal needs within the context of European Community law, the firm provides relevant guidance. In addition, while not admitted to practice the law of other British jurisdictions, the firm is able to provide direction and strategy pertaining to such areas of law, particularly as these areas impact client interests in the United States.

The firm's clients include government agencies, corporations, and organizations from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and other foreign domiciled entities operating transnationally.

The firm also represents clients in matters relating to the "False Claims" or U.S. Federal "whistleblowing" laws.


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